Benefits of Eating Fresh and Unprocessed Food

Benefits of Eating Fresh and Unprocessed Food

Just the way machines need energy in one or the other form to function properly, our bodies need food to function. And just like machines, our bodies too need a regular supply of good quality food so that it remains in good shape and state along with being functional. But, this leads us to a question: ‘what can be termed as good quality food?’

The Good Quality Food

Good quality food is the one which has been grown, stored and prepared in good and hygienic conditions along with being prepared in a healthy way. By healthy, we mean food items which are free from various chemicals, including preservatives.

Food Chemicals and Their Effects

While eating any food item, we mostly concentrate only on how it looks and tastes but forget about the process of growing food items to bringing to our plate. The conditions, in which food items are grown, stored and transported matters a lot because if they are not grown, stored and transported in a hygienic condition. These food items can damage your body in the long term. Various harmful chemicals such as pesticides, weedicides, growth hormones, etc are used which affect our system adversely.

While preparing packed food items, often, various preservatives are added to increase the shelf life and to preserve its taste. But, these preservatives also damage our body in more ways than we can imagine. The more of these chemicals and preservatives we consume along with various food items, the more damage we do to our body.

The Solution

The solution is to avoid all these chemicals as much as possible by consuming fresh, unprocessed and organic food be it fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products or even spices. While buying any food item from anywhere, you must check the label or ask the store owner for whether the ingredients were organic and unprocessed or otherwise.

While eating out or while ordering for home deliveries and takeaways, you must ask the attendant for the details. Or better still, you can choose an eatery which provides only fresh, unprocessed and organic food.

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