The Benefits of High Protein Diet

The Benefits of High Protein Diet

We all have studied in schools that our body needs a balanced diet due to various reasons like for maintenance, for energy, etc. We had also studied the reasons for requirements of various nutrients, vitamins and minerals. One of such nutrients is – Protein.

Importance of Protein

Irrespective of age group, gender, physical activities, etc, protein is needed by everyone but only the quantity required may vary. Protein is used by the body for a number of things like growth of hair and nails, building block in the making and maintenance of bones, muscles, skin, blood, etc. and to make various hormones and enzymes. Protein also helps in getting more muscle mass, hence, is consumed in large quantities by body-builders.

Sources to get High Amount of Protein

Some of the most commonly available and widely known sources are bananas, milk, cheese, cottage cheese, etc. But, high amount of protein can be availed from eggs, whey or casein powder, steak, ground beef, pork chops, chicken breast, turkey breast, fishes, etc. These food items also need to be freshly sourced and hygienically stored so that the nutritional value remains the maximum. However, these food items also contain various other nutrients which may result in additional calorie intake if consumed unmonitored. Special attention is required while preparing the meal from these ingredients so that the total calorie count does not go very much out of the planned limits.

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