Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer sponsorships?

Do you offer samples, or is there a way to try the health food before making a purchase?
We do not offer food samples. Modern Proteins does not store or pre-cook any meals or sides to keep on standby. Everything is prepared from scratch, to each customer’s specifications, and timed for customer delivery. So the best way to try our prepared food service would be to place a small order.

Is there a contract or minimum term, aside from the monthly subscription?
No. There is no contract and you are free to cancel service at any time within the confines of our Refund Policy.

I travel a lot and would need to suspend service periodically. Is this allowed?
Yes absolutely. We simply require 3 days notice in writing for any account changes. Exclusions apply where advertised.

What makes the Modern Proteins Protocol so different from other meal providers?
Modern Proteins is the only ultra-high-protein meal company that implements the body’s most anabolic, most readily available, and least understood hormone to produce extraordinary results: Insulin. Our protocol is specifically designed to use your body’s natural insulin production to metabolize excess adipose tissue and support an anabolic environment. Meaning, the macronutrients are dispersed in such a way that maximizes your fat loss while minimizing your muscle loss. After a few weeks into our protocol you will see an increased insulin sensitivity resulting in better overall health, fuller muscle pumps, more intense training, and an increased basal metabolic rate.

What is the difference between your proteins and the proteins I get at my local cafe?
We utilize only the finest ingredients, proteins not withstanding, and take no shortcuts. Very often restaurants and other meal services will use meats that have been stored or packaged in saltwater solutions because it saves a fortune on storage, labor, and overall food cost. Manufacturers shrink-wrap and refrigerate, or freeze these pre-cut roasts, turkey breasts, and chicken breasts. Then when your order comes in, the restaurant will run these processed balls of meat through hot water or steam to remove the taste of the nitrates, sodium and other preservatives. They then season and serve with most consumers not knowing the difference. Modern Proteins operates on the highest level of integrity. ALL of our proteins are fresh, unmolested, untreated, cleaned and prepared in house and just hours before delivery. You will find that your chicken breasts are whole and your steak is portioned from the same cut of beef. Our fish is scaled, deboned and cleaned with the most meticulous eye for detail so that every cut is perfect, or it’s trash.

I want to sign up but I would like a discount. Do you ever run any promotions?
We do and they are always posted on the site. If a plan or an entree is reduced, you will see the reduced price already reflected on the site. We believe in a fair playing field and do not give private discounts to attract new customers, while our loyal patrons pay full price.

I just placed my order online but didn’t get any confirmation and can’t login anywhere.
Once your payment is processed and scheduled you should receive two automated receipts from If you receive no response within an hour, check your Spam folder first, and if you are still concerned, send us an email. If your card was charged, then your order was processed and your meals will be delivered on time and in excellence.

I received my food and everything looks great, but how should I heat it up?
Frozen meals should be fully thawed first. Fresh meals are ready to eat. Just prick a small hole in the pouch, stretch out the ends to allow air inside, and massage the food around until it’s evenly distributed within the pouch. Microwave on high for 2 minutes, and allow the pouch to cool for 2 minutes and then slice it open and enjoy!

How do I store the food? Do I freeze it?
Upon receipt of your FRESH meal delivery place your items on the top shelf of your refrigerator and make sure the temperature is at 35 degrees or colder. This is typically one notch setting towards the colder side on your temperature dial. And while you can certainly freeze the food, it is not necessary since our high protein meals are remain fresh for at least 5 days. Note: If ordering F45 meals, freshness guarantee does not apply.

I am visiting Las Vegas and staying at a hotel. I am very specific about my diet. Do you offer meal service for bodybuilders?
Yes. In fact visiting competitors, models, and health enthusiasts make up a significant minority of our client base. We make special deliveries to the strip hotels every day. Simply follow the quick and easy ordering instructions here and we will be happy to oblige.

I sent an email or an offline chat inquiry and I have not gotten a response yet.
Check your spam folder. Modern Proteins prides itself on being one of the first companies to deliver timely, thorough and exceptional customer support exclusively through email. Sometimes we may include links to articles or pages on our site which can send the message directly into your spam box.

What does the “Exclude” mean when selecting my sides?
The “Exclude” before any given side order means you do not want that particular side. So for example, selecting “Exclude Fresh Jalapeño” means you don’t want fresh jalapeño with that selected protein. If you have more than 2 sides you want us to leave out, please select “Specific Sides”. Then place your order, and on the checkout page there is a section marked “Order Notes” where you can include all of your requests.

I only need 4 ounce portions with some veggies. What is my price?
Your price would be the same as a conventional order. We are offering a service, and the individual attention and additional labor custom orders require far exceed the food cost of a few ounces of protein.