Meal Prep – A Great Inclusion to Body Builders Diet

Meal Prep – A Great Inclusion to Body Builders Diet

If you decide that your career is towards modelling or in fashion shows. Then, body building is a very important step in achieving that perfect body. This is not any easy task as it requires a lot of dedication and hard work because you need to stick to a strict diet plan as well as engage in a vigorous exercise regimen. Additionally, there is tight competition world-wide for a perfect body. Meal prep companies can aid in such situations by delivering the right portion of food required.

Four pillars of nutrition for body builders are water, protein, limiting processed food and to eat in many portions. Protein is your best friend since it helps in repairing and regaining muscle mass. It is ideal to eat it in many portions and to continuously refuel your body. Along with the food, the key is to be hydrated by drinking a minimum of 3-4 litres of water. Lastly, it is important to refrain from all types of processed food.

Meal prep companies offer an ideal diet for upcoming male models. One such company is Modern Proteins and it serves food with protein rich content. Let’s discuss a few meals that are specifically made for those body builders.

High Protein Egg Scramble

This is a unique omelette made with three, medium graded eggs along with diced chicken breasts and a dash of parsley flakes. A combination of all 3 of these ingredients gives a protein packed breakfast.

Atlantic Tilapia Loin

These fishes are personally selected and baked in a high class Pyrex glass. It is finally drizzled with fat-free seasoning. This recipe is of low calorie, fat free and high in protein. Conveniently, it is skinless and boneless.

Atlantic Salmon Fillet

Consuming fish is essential as it is rich in omegas, healthy fats as well as proteins. It is made with the finest fish from the sea and it is blended with various seasonings and spices. This savoury dish is meant to be a combination of delicious as well as healthy.

Ultra Lean Bison

Bison is known to provide the most protein per ounce than any other meat, making it ideal for body builders. Its soft texture makes it good for digestion, thus, giving nutrients at a faster rate to the body. Modern Protein’s preparation of bison is free of antibiotics, hormones and of any additives.

To make it even more convenient for the body builders, this company has included premium meal plans. These plans give many meals per day, without having to individually order them. There are various meal plans based on whether you are an amateur or a pro body builder. For example, The Modern Proteins Basic includes a meal a day, for 7 days and additional sides are added. Also, you are free to customise. On the other hand, The Modern Proteins Pro provides 4 meals per day and restricting any customised food. This is a diet for those who are fully dedicated into body building.