Healthy Nutritious Meal for a Glowing Skin

Healthy Nutritious Meal for a Glowing Skin

You might have heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ quite a lot of times. This is quite true because your health and fitness depend on a lot on what you consume. Therefore, there is a lot of stress on healthy eating habits nowadays. However, there is another benefit of eating healthy food. Having a healthy eating habit directly affects how your skin looks, feels, and ages, as well. A healthy and nutritious diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables acts like a tonic for your skin making it glow and look fresh. While consuming unhealthy fried, sugary, processed foods will make the skin appear dull and aged.

There are different healthy food recipes packed with all sorts of healthy nutrients (we will discuss in the article further) required to maintain your skin health. If you cannot prepare them yourself then place your order from one of the meal prep Las Vegas companies. With meal prep services, you will get a nutritious and delicious diet delivered at your place in no time. These companies make sure that every recipe prepared by them is fresh and healthy for you.

Let us take a look at a few essential nutrients for getting a glowing skin:


Protein foods supply amino acids to your body. The amino acids or building blocks are essential to make collagen for your skin. Collagen is required to provide strength to your skin and give it the necessary elasticity. Therefore you must include a healthy version of lean meats, fish, eggs and other protein foods in your diet.


Healthy fats are essential for your skin as they promote hydration and make your skin plump. The healthy oils are required to maintain the internal moisture in the skin and keep the walls of the skin cells supple and ultimately your skin soft. Including fish like salmon, trout, tuna sardines etc. in your diet will not only add healthy fats to your body but also include omega 3 fatty oils to your skin that boost collagen production in your skin, thus preventing skin aging.


Zinc and various other minerals are essential for healing skin blemishes as well as reducing inflammation and redness of the skin. For an acne prone skin, zinc is the most useful mineral required. You must include nut and seeds like walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds, chia and flaxseed in your diet as they are packed not only with zinc but also healthy fats and vitamin E that acts as a sun blocker and keeps the skin from environmental damage while making it look radiant.


A low GI or Glycemic Index is necessary to avoid hormonal spikes, which often damages the skin and contribute to wrinkling formation. In place of eating white bread, rice, and pasta, you must include low GI foods such as oats and millets, which also include silica that promotes skin health and glow.

These were a few of the nutrition elements required for getting a glowing and healthy skin.

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