Holiday Season Weight Gain – The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Holiday Season Weight Gain – The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Now that you’ve finally finished polishing off the last of the Halloween candy and Thanksgiving pie, you’re probably asking yourself that annual time-honored question, “Is it even somewhat humanly possible that I won’t put on a good 10 or 12 pounds this holiday season?” We all indulge in our favorite seasonal comfort foods and rarities that we hardly ever get the chance to enjoy. The problem is we do it often and usually with reckless abandon and that unfortunately paves the way to the start of bad eating habits. It is estimated that holiday weight gain is just around five pounds, but a classic study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2007 found that on average, adult Americans only gain just one singular pound from about mid-November through New Year’s Day. But that’s just the start of this story…

The media gave this finding a lot of clout when it initially came out, and a slew of folks wiped their brows with relief and chowed down a second helping of stuffing and pie. And indeed, this study would present good news, if not for two very unpleasant particulars.

For most of us non-super human folks, that singular pound does not leave. It overstays its welcome and is usually still there a year later, waiting to welcome the next additional pound from the following holiday season, and hereby growing each and every year like a bad fruitcake tradition. This evidence helps to explain why we become inexorably heftier with the passage of the years.

That one-pound overall average does include many thin and normal-weight people. For persons who are overweight off the bat, however, that number can increase to five pounds or more. Since more than 70% of the population now qualifies as being overweight, two-thirds of us are at risk for more additional weight gain in the next 6 weeks than is really good for us, especially given that weight’s tendency to remain with us. And for those of us who are lucky enough to not be considered overweight, that measly-seeming single pound incredibly represents 50 percent of the weight that U.S. adults gain per year on average.

In short, the belief of massive holiday weight gain is not as dire or horrid as you may have thought, but it’s definitely nothing to dismiss, either. And with Thanksgiving gone and Christmas now rapidly approaching, we must be careful to try and eat more thoughtfully and clean, as this food-heavy season can have negative impacts on your health. On average it is reported that college students usually gain 1-2 pounds during the course of their Thanksgiving breaks. And keep in mind that these are younger adults with young adult metabolisms and activity levels. It only gets worse with age and lowered activity, folks!

Of course you can abstain from holiday activities and events where you will be tempted to over-indulge but if you want to avoid weight gain, you must be willing to make some sacrifices. Avoid junk food and booze. Literally. Don’t hang out in kitchens where you will be tempted to pick and graze rather than sit and eat a properly balanced meal. At holiday party situations, position yourself away from the buffet and the bar and find a seat away from foods that are not good for you. Try eating a Modern Proteins prepared meal before you hit the party circuit in order to curb you hunger and/or keep a spare in your car that you can grub on post-event so you’re not tempted to make a late night drive thru run.

Snacks, appetizers, small desserts and finger foods that are joyfully abound during the holidays are sneaky little calorie grenades. And alcohol not only packs major calories, but it also lowers your resistance to these snacks and you are more prone o throw caution to the wind and eat them (or overeat them) because you are impaired and don’t care at that moment. But you’ll care when you get home and ask yourself why you ate that. And that. And that, too. And those. And that. And don’t forget about that. Yeah.

You can’t hide from life and enjoying the events and foods with the people you love. But you can eat smarter and snack healthier with the assistance of Modern Proteins’s prepared meal delivery service. Fresh or frozen, with nationwide delivery, we make it easy and affordable to eat clean, thoughtlessly and efficiently. We all like to indulge in some holiday goodies each year, so why not make certain that you’re eating as clean as possible when you’re not eating Aunt Martha’s homemade Pumpkin Pie? We’d like to help you build healthy eating habits this holiday season and show you that you don’t have to struggle with your food and diet over the holidays. Don’t be a turkey. Join our team today 🙂

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