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Vegetarian High-Protein Sources

Amongst the essential nutrient requirements of your body is protein that supplies brainpower, provide you with stronger muscles, and also offers the necessary physical and mental drive to feel your absolute best. Often meat is regarded as the best source of proteins. It undoubtedly is, but what about the vegetarians? Where should they get their proteins from? Well, the good news for them is that meat products are not the only protein sources. There are several vegetarian sources too that can provide your protein fix. Here in this article, we have put together a few of the energizing proteins that are better alternatives to meat. Take a look.

Lentils & Beans

The best vegetarian sources of proteins are beans and lentils. While every half cup of lentils packs about 9 grams of proteins, beans carry about 7 grams, depending on the type of beans. Along with proteins, these convenient and tasty food items pack with them enough antioxidants and fiber to keep you full for long, provide you energy for the day and keeps your body functioning smoothly. These can be dried and stored in an air tight container and munched at the time you feel hungry. You can also cook them in various wonderful ways.


Quinoa is another great source of proteins and has around 4gms of proteins in every half cup. Being very delicious and light in taste, you would probably like to eat more of it. Quinoa is also known as a complete protein as it includes all the nine amino acids required by our body. Because of these amino acids (which are not produced by the body) you feel full and satiated for a longer time and also feel fully energetic throughout the day. These are great gluten free alternatives to meat and pasta.

Greek Yogurt

As a meal for breakfast or as an added ingredient in one of the main dishes for lunch, Greek yogurt is just loved by everyone. A single Greek yogurt container includes about 17 grams of protein. Along with that, it has wonderful probiotic properties, it prohibits bad bacteria build up and protects the immune system while strengthening the good bacteria in your system and making it strong. Besides, providing you strong muscles, Greek yogurt will also make your gut and digestive system strong, and you will have a great glowing skin as well.


Made from fermented soybeans, every half cup of tempeh boasts around 11 grams of protein. Whether you grill it or bake it, it will remain much chewier than tofu. This protein source can be used to cook so many different recipes that are all wonderful to taste.

Feeling tired after work? Don’t feel like cooking a healthy meal for yourself? Just order a healthy and delicious recipe that includes the above mentioned vegetarian protein sources from the menu of Modern Proteins, which is one of the popular meal preps Las Vegas companies. We promise to serve it fresh and hot in no time.

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Some Misconceptions about Calories

You will find calorie consciousness in almost everyone around yourself. This is because they do not want to put on weight, or want to lose some weight or any other such excuse. But, do you know calories are found in almost every kind of food that we eat? The calorie count of food is determined by the amount of carbohydrate, protein, and fat content it has.

Although the food packages have the ingredients label and the nutrition facts about the food but counting on the number of calories that you intake every day can be a tedious task. Obviously, an excess of everything is bad and calories are no different and we all are aware of the after effects of consuming a lot of calories. But calories are also needed by the body for performing many crucial functions. You must, therefore, consult a dietician who can tell you the total amount of calories needed by your body and then cook your meals accordingly.

However, if you don’t get time to cook for yourself, you can order a healthy recipe at some meal prep las vegas companies and tell them about the specific calorie requirement. You will be delivered a meal box containing the delicious recipe you ordered, including the specified content of calories in the meal portion.

In this article, we will discuss a few misconceptions about calories that most of us have.

Low-calorie food isn’t always good

We all must understand that consuming a low-calorie food is not always the best choice. You may find several kinds of processed food on the market that are labeled low-calorie and low-fat, but these are just a marketing gimmick. These often include added sugar, starch, sodium, additives, fillers, and synthetic ingredients, all of which are not good for our health. Fruits, vegetable, and whole grain food should be eaten instead, as they are low in calories and rich in other nutrients.

Every calorie is not created equal

Fats, carbohydrates, and proteins are the three sources of our energy as mentioned earlier. But, each of them shows a different effect on the body. This can be made clear by the following example. If you consume 100 carbohydrate calories, your body will expend 10 for digestion, and if you consume 100 fat calories, then your body will expend a little less than that, and if you in-take 100 protein calories, then your body needs 20 to 30 for digestion. This clearly implicates that carbs and fats yield more usable energy than protein and to lose weight you must cut down on carbs and fats and not proteins.

Your calorie source is as important as your calorie count

Carbohydrates make you fat, is totally a misconception. It is the calorie count in your food that makes you fat. Consuming good carbs like vegetables, legumes, and fruits will add to your entire nutrition count, whereas bad carbs like cookies and pizza bring about fat deposits in your body.

If you are looking for good meal prep Las Vegas Company, then Modern Proteins is one of the best in town. Not only they make sure, that the meal delivered to you is hot and fresh, but also available at a pocket-friendly price.

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How to eat healthy without spending much?

Are you planning to step into the world of healthy eating, or are you looking for diet recipes that will do wonders for your health? Whatever the case may be, you will definitely look out for ways that do not empty your pockets.

Often the words ‘hard’ and ‘expensive ’are somehow related to eating healthy. This is quite true up to some extent, especially when you are not aware of shopping in the right way. You may visualize kale chips, organic fruits and veggies and whole grain foods whenever you think about eating healthy. And all of these things are usually highly priced. But, there are several ways to save on these healthy diets even when shopping from a specialty store. Let’s take a look at a few:

Don’t get distracted

Since the health food stores are filled with different kind of supplies, you might get attracted to buy those and forget about the things that you came to shop for. It is therefore always better to make a list of foods that you want. This won’t distract you from shopping for the products that you actually want and avoid spending on things that you don’t need.

Shop for organic and local produce

Pesticide-sprayed produce adds free radicals in your body, detoxifying which can be really hard. Therefore, you must always pick pesticide free organic fruits and vegetables if it is easily available to you. You can also visit your local famers’ market and buy fresh produce from there. You can get the local produce and vegetables at quite affordable prices. The local produce embraces many minerals and vitamins that are essential for your health.

Don’t eat out too often

You may find it too easy to go out with your colleague in a new healthy lunch spot and spend a good amount of money there. This can become very frequent and you might get into the habit of eating out. The health aspect of these so called healthy spots is not much known. You are not aware of the ingredients that you will be eating out. Therefore eating out once or twice every fortnight will not affect much on your wallet and health, but don’t be habitual to it and always keep your health and pocket in mind.

Buy food from a meal prep company

If you lead a very busy schedule and do not get time to make a healthy dinner at home, then a meal prep company is the best option for you. You can order for a specific type of meal from the various options of a diabetic diet, a weight loss meal, a vegetarian meal or a non-veg diet and get it delivered right at your home. Not only are these diets healthy, but also are delicious. All of the diets are prepared with fresh and organic ingredients. When it comes to the price, well the upfront cost may be high, but is quite less in the long run.

If you live in Las Vegas, then Modern Proteins is the best meal prep company that offers you a wide option of healthy diets at quite reasonable prices.

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Everything you want to know about meal prep services

Meal prep services have just recently gained popularity. It just came into the culinary scene in 2012 and today it is a 450 million dollar market, which is suspected to increase 10 times more in the next 5-6 six years. The dinner made by the meal prep companies is not just healthy, but also delicious to eat and available at reasonable rates. If you are also thinking to buy dinner from one of the popular meal prep services in your neighborhood lately, then there must be several questions lingering in your mind. This article will answer most of those basic questions that may erupt in your mind. Check it out:

Do I need one?

Well to answer this question you need to go through the various advantages offered by these services:

  • Time-savers: You do not have to rush to the grocery store every time you think of making a healthy meal for yourself. Just order your dinner at the meal prep services, and it is their duty to deliver whatever you order for.
  • Ultra-convenient: If you are a person running a busy work schedule, then such services are a boon for you. You can order for a packed dinner (lunch or breakfasts also offered by many outlets) and get it delivered right at your doorstep. You just need to open the box and get ready to eat.
  • Portion control: If you struggle with overeating, then these meal prep services is a great tool to practice portion control as the meal box will contain the portion of dinner that you ordered. The tons of choicest dinner options that are healthy too, help you to say no to junk food.

How is it better than the restaurants?

There are many ways in which meal prep services differ from restaurants:

  • Healthy and fresh: Your dinner is prepared fresh with healthy ingredients of your taste and choice by the meal delivery services. It is made certain that the meal packed for you is cooked according to your health requirements.
  • Delicious: Since professional chefs are employed to cook dinner for you at these meal preps, you can be sure that your dinner would satisfy your taste buds while not harming your health.
  • Hygienic: Besides making sure of the health and taste of these meals, it is also seen that all the meals taken out to be delivered to you are packed hygienically, a factor which is not much considered in restaurants and takeaways.

Can I afford them?

Though the upfront price of these services can be a little high for you but when the health and convenience benefits of meal prep services are considered, then even the high price of this dinner will not matter.

Modern Proteins is amongst the famous meal prep companies in Las Vegas that offers all types of healthy meals right at your door step.

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Enhanced Diet Plan with Modern Proteins

The target of this prepared meal delivery introduced by the modern protein is to deliver extremely healthy and high protein-content food to those in need. Those who would be interested are ones who want to switch to a healthier lifestyle or ones who are in need of losing a few pounds. Losing weight will be easier with this innovation of delivering protein rich food. All you need to worry about are the exercises and leave the responsibility of your diet to Modern Proteins.

What is it actually?

Modern Protein has been delivering meal preps in Las Vegas since past four years and it looks to serve more people with high quality, protein rich and gluten free meals. These meals contain high protein content with ingredients such as egg, salmon, tilapia, chicken breasts, Angus steak and ultra-lean ground beef. They also include whole, organic carbohydrates like quinoa and brown rice that cause a quicker, fuller stomach. All the meals are prepared naturally with no added preservatives, catered for people to lose weight and to simultaneously gain muscle.

What are the meals that we offer?

Modern Protein offers different meal plans per specifications. Whether it’s a paleo diet or a protein meal for gaining muscle mass, we have it all. In addition, we have meals including chicken, turkey, beef, tilapia, eggs and steak. Interestingly, we also offer protein-rich healthy desserts such as brownies and cakes.

Is it worth it?

It is totally worth it because it provides your goal of eating healthy, without the actual hassle in preparing it. We use the freshest vegetables and meat. The taste is quite appealing and that too without the added chemicals or additives. It not only saves time, but money as well in buying raw ingredients. Additionally, the meal can be eaten conveniently with a fork as bones and connective tissues are removed prior to cooking.

Are there health benefits?

Obviously, there are a plethora of health benefits. By eating healthy, you can fight the pandemic illness, obesity. Digestion is improved as fibre and proteins are increased in your diet. Also, it is proven that since these meals provide an alkaline environment in the body, cancer and other diseases can be tackled. More importantly, you will feel confident about yourself as your body is healthier.

Are you interested?

Modern protein provides meals of a high quality with a home-made taste. Our meals provide taste without eliminating the nutritional value. People who are interested should learn more contacting us personally through (888) 788-6094.

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Healthy Nutritious Meal for a Glowing Skin

You might have heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ quite a lot of times. This is quite true because your health and fitness depend on a lot on what you consume. Therefore, there is a lot of stress on healthy eating habits nowadays. However, there is another benefit of eating healthy food. Having a healthy eating habit directly affects how your skin looks, feels, and ages, as well. A healthy and nutritious diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables acts like a tonic for your skin making it glow and look fresh. While consuming unhealthy fried, sugary, processed foods will make the skin appear dull and aged.

There are different healthy food recipes packed with all sorts of healthy nutrients (we will discuss in the article further) required to maintain your skin health. If you cannot prepare them yourself then place your order from one of the meal prep Las Vegas companies. With meal prep services, you will get a nutritious and delicious diet delivered at your place in no time. These companies make sure that every recipe prepared by them is fresh and healthy for you.

Let us take a look at a few essential nutrients for getting a glowing skin:


Protein foods supply amino acids to your body. The amino acids or building blocks are essential to make collagen for your skin. Collagen is required to provide strength to your skin and give it the necessary elasticity. Therefore you must include a healthy version of lean meats, fish, eggs and other protein foods in your diet.


Healthy fats are essential for your skin as they promote hydration and make your skin plump. The healthy oils are required to maintain the internal moisture in the skin and keep the walls of the skin cells supple and ultimately your skin soft. Including fish like salmon, trout, tuna sardines etc. in your diet will not only add healthy fats to your body but also include omega 3 fatty oils to your skin that boost collagen production in your skin, thus preventing skin aging.


Zinc and various other minerals are essential for healing skin blemishes as well as reducing inflammation and redness of the skin. For an acne prone skin, zinc is the most useful mineral required. You must include nut and seeds like walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds, chia and flaxseed in your diet as they are packed not only with zinc but also healthy fats and vitamin E that acts as a sun blocker and keeps the skin from environmental damage while making it look radiant.


A low GI or Glycemic Index is necessary to avoid hormonal spikes, which often damages the skin and contribute to wrinkling formation. In place of eating white bread, rice, and pasta, you must include low GI foods such as oats and millets, which also include silica that promotes skin health and glow.

These were a few of the nutrition elements required for getting a glowing and healthy skin.

You can order a skin healthy meal box from Modern Proteins, which is famous meal prep Las Vegas company and get prepared to eat a fresh and healthy, skin friendly diet that of course is delectable.

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The Essence of Meal Prep Services in our Daily Lives

Once upon a time, people use to practice unhealthy eating habits. However, now a-days, people have become health conscious and they are willing to spend that extra penny for changing their lifestyle into a healthy one. But, it becomes difficult for foodies to have a salad when there are tempting chili fries by their side. With the increasing unhealthy take outs in the city, meal prep Las Vegas companies are giving a tough competition with their healthy and delicious recipes.

Obesity has become a pandemic disorder due to the negligence of diet. Doctors have stressed the various complications associated with a poor lifestyle. After eating a heavy meal, it has a direct effect like reduced alertness, tiredness and being unable to work for long hours. Continuing such eating habits can lead to other illnesses like stoke, hyper tension and heart diseases. Instead of waiting for the future for a problem to arise, why not start now? Meal prep Las Vegas companies have finally introduced an alternative way to conveniently consume leafy, green vegetables.

Modern Proteins is also a leading Meal Prep Las Vegas company. Our target is to provide awareness to the consumers about eating healthy. People tend to turn towards our company for major two reasons that are discussed below.


This is the main aspect which grabs the attention of residents living in Las Vegas. Eating clean is such a big task and with those busy schedules, it becomes easier to buy a roll from a nearby store. However, nothing is impossible when Modern Proteins is here. Our company takes the entire struggle as well as tension in preparing those healthy meals and leaves you with hassle-free mornings. Our convenient idea of giving lunch boxes to its customers is the reason many fell in love with our system. Additionally, the food delivered is totally fresh and healthy. The recipes that are included call for boneless and skinless meat or fish. Thus, eating this food in public will not be a problem since a spoon is more than enough to eat with.

Heath Factor

Health is what differentiates the traditional take outs with the meal prep services. Everyone has an eye on take outs due to their flamboyant menu and sizzling dishes. However, all they contain are fats and carbs which will ultimately degrade your health. A better option is Modern Proteins because it offers high class, hygienic and healthy dishes. Most importantly, they are as delicious as any takeout but with all the nutritional content in them. The company focuses on providing protein rich food as these are most essential in weight loss. Anyone who is in a weight loss regimen should focus on the exercises, leaving the diet to us.

People in Las Vegas will definitely not ditch the healthy offer bequeathed to them by Modern Proteins.

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Meal Prep – A Great Inclusion to Body Building Diet

If you decide that your career is towards modelling or in fashion shows. Then, body building is a very important step in achieving that perfect body. This is not any easy task as it requires a lot of dedication and hard work because you need to stick to a strict diet plan as well as engage in a vigorous exercise regimen. Additionally, there is tight competition world-wide for a perfect body. Meal prep companies can aid in such situations by delivering the right portion of food required.

Four pillars of nutrition for body builders are water, protein, limiting processed food and to eat in many portions. Protein is your best friend since it helps in repairing and regaining muscle mass. It is ideal to eat it in many portions and to continuously refuel your body. Along with the food, the key is to be hydrated by drinking a minimum of 3-4 litres of water. Lastly, it is important to refrain from all types of processed food.

Meal prep companies offer an ideal diet for upcoming male models. One such company is Modern Proteins and it serves food with protein rich content. Let’s discuss a few meals that are specifically made for those body builders.

High Protein Egg Scramble

This is a unique omelette made with three, medium graded eggs along with diced chicken breasts and a dash of parsley flakes. A combination of all 3 of these ingredients gives a protein packed breakfast.

Atlantic Tilapia Loin

These fishes are personally selected and baked in a high class Pyrex glass. It is finally drizzled with fat-free seasoning. This recipe is of low calorie, fat free and high in protein. Conveniently, it is skinless and boneless.

Atlantic Salmon Fillet

Consuming fish is essential as it is rich in omegas, healthy fats as well as proteins. It is made with the finest fish from the sea and it is blended with various seasonings and spices. This savoury dish is meant to be a combination of delicious as well as healthy.

Ultra Lean Bison

Bison is known to provide the most protein per ounce than any other meat, making it ideal for body builders. Its soft texture makes it good for digestion, thus, giving nutrients at a faster rate to the body. Modern Protein’s preparation of bison is free of antibiotics, hormones and of any additives.

To make it even more convenient for the body builders, this company has included premium meal plans. These plans give many meals per day, without having to individually order them. There are various meal plans based on whether you are an amateur or a pro body builder. For example, The Modern Proteins Basic includes a meal a day, for 7 days and additional sides are added. Also, you are free to customise. On the other hand, The Modern Proteins Pro provides 4 meals per day and restricting any customised food. This is a diet for those who are fully dedicated into body building.

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Scrumptious Food by Meal Prep Las Vegas companies

Many make taste their first priority. If a dish turns out bland, then the immediate next step is to add in salt or any sauces to enhance the taste. Meals that include salad are being destroyed of their health content by the various additions of cheeses and dressings. Meal Prep Las Vegas companies provide delicious food, just like any takeout. Without compromising on the nutritional value, they deliver protein rich food.

People who wish to eat healthy meals and lose weight usually opt for services of these meal prep Las Vegas companies. An idea and healthy diet consists of all the necessary nutrition needed for proper bodily functions, which includes a small percentage of fats as well. Eating based on portions is what counts. When it comes to dairy products, consuming it in low quantities is the key. However, protein should be the main part of your diet as it helps in muscle repairing and growth. Fish, meat, egg, and pulses are the main sources of protein and such services include ample amounts in their meals.

Modern Proteins is one of the most reputed meal prep Las Vegas companies. We provide gourmet meals that are protein rich and healthy. A few popular selections from our menu are as follows.

High Protein Egg Scramble

This is one of those meals that contain the necessary cholesterols and fats recommended for a day. It is fresh preparation of 3 eggs beaten along with minced meat of your choice and parsley. Whites are added upon request only.

All Natural Chicken Breast

This is a protein packed meal with the most natural chicken, without any additives like hormones or antibiotics. The chicken is thoroughly checked for any spoilage and is then baked in a high-quality Pyrex glass. It is at last, drizzled with the low fat seasoning and is made boneless, for the customers’ convenience.

Ultra Lean Ground Beef

A perfect pre and post workout meal that contains loads of proteins to help repair the muscles. It is solely grounded and delivered to the customers of Las Vegas. The beef is infused with a variety of spices to enhance the flavour, increase metabolism, lower blood pressure and to also support the liver.

Ultra Lean Meatloaf Marinara

This dish is for all those beef lovers who cannot compromise, even the slightest bit, on taste. The meat is blended with spices and topped with marinara sauce. This meal is also rich in protein content and low in carbohydrate.

Turkey Stuffed Bell Peppers

This unique recipe will surely brighten up and add a twist to your boring meals. It includes lean turkey breasts that are combined with cilantro, jalapenos and brown rice which are finally stuffed into two bell pepper cups. This dish is packed with proteins and nutrition.

Nutella Protein Brownie

For all those who have a major sweet tooth, Modern Proteins have low fat desserts in their menu. This brownie has no dairy, butter or oil in it. It’s low in carbs and high in fibre as well as protein. A small quantity of this brownie is enough, to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Meal Prep Services – An aid for people with busy life

Are you one of those people who go through a hectic schedule every day? Does your day start with the hassles of cooking and cleaning before setting off to work? Do you try your best to stick to a healthy diet, but the office hours make it impossible for you? Have you answered yes to any of these questions? If so, then involving in meal prep services would be very ideal. These services will result in hassle-free mornings and additionally, healthy meals every day.

This new and innovative service has given people healthy meals, without the tension of preparing it. These services target to provide their customers with healthier food choices in order to maintain a proper lifestyle and a rocking health. They basically, pre prep the food by professional chefs in town and the delivery is a phone call away.  On the other hand, for those who are passionate about cooking, these companies provide them with fresh ingredients at their door step.

Modern Proteins is a famous meal prep services provider in Las Vegas. It provides healthy as well as tasty meals and is ranked in top 5 meal prep services provider in the city. Let’s discuss a few benefits of using our meal prep services and the various foods that we offer.

Food that helps you Flourish

We deliver the most delicious food as well as desserts for those with a major sweet tooth. But, this does not lower the nutritional content in the meals as their first priority is the health aspect. We provide a high protein and low carb diet. The meals include mostly eggs, salmon, ultra lean beef, Angus steak or chicken breasts.

A User-friendly System

The main thing is that food is being made without your efforts. Nothing is much more convenient than to become a school girl who gets lunch boxes packed by your mom (Modern Protein). The thought of eating clean can finally be done without having to prepare it. In addition, the food is extremely convenient to eat. Keeping in mind public cleanliness, the food can be eaten, readily with a spoon. We have removed all the unnecessary parts like bones to make the eating part more comfortable.

A Handful of Choices

The target is to provide you with food that is rich in protein.  Whether its vegetarian or non-vegetarian, we offer both. Vegetarians have a plentiful choice out of quinoa, yam, pasta and a paleo diet as well. Additionally, non-vegetarians have the luxury of eating from more meals. Since, our target is to deliver protein rich meals; we offer foods like chicken breast, salmon, bison and tilapia along with the vegetables. Interestingly, we have invented savoury but healthy desserts to our menu. These are brownies infused with bananas and nuts or nutella.

Now, after knowing everything about our meal prep services in Las Vegas, you should seriously consider giving a try to our services. You can easily order meals online through our website.