How To Lose Weight Without Crash Dieting

How To Lose Weight Without Crash Dieting

We all have worried about our body’s shape and our weights at one or the other point in life. All of us have even battled the increasing tension of weight gain due to various reasons like age, inactivity, hectic and busy schedule, etc. And the easiest solution we can think of to tackle this problem is to reduce our food intake. But, little do we realize that reducing food intake may do more damage than good. Various studies have proved that drastically reducing the food intake for a limited time period or even a longer time period has an adverse effect on the overall functioning of our body.

Why to avoid Crash Dieting?

First of all, we need to understand what is crash dieting?

Crash dieting is when an individual starts eating very less food as compared to routine food intake. In this diet, the person simply avoids food instead of being selective and eating only healthy food.

We must always avoid crash dieting at any cost. This is because when we go for crash dieting, our body adapts itself to manage in less food and starts utilizing as less energy as possible. And when we resume our regular diet, our body starts storing the excess or additional food and energy produced from it. This leads to more weight gain hence more problem in the future.

Further, the studies have shown that when you eat less and try to stay hungry, your body starts craving for energy and you end up eating food which is often high in sugar, carbohydrates or is fried. This too results in weight gain instead of loss.

The Solution

The solution is to eat in moderation. You must neither stay hungry nor eat too much. As for type of food, you must always try to have food which is not much fried, low on sugar content and high on nutrients content. You must try to avoid processed food as much as possible because such foods contain preservatives and comparatively higher amount of salts to increase the shelf life. If you are able to find organic food anywhere nearby you, always choose it. You must have more of variety of vegetables, fruits, etc so that your body gets most of the nutrients for normal functioning.

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