Scrumptious Food by Meal Prep Las Vegas companies

Scrumptious Food by Meal Prep Las Vegas companies

Many make taste their first priority. If a dish turns out bland, then the immediate next step is to add in salt or any sauces to enhance the taste. Meals that include salad are being destroyed of their health content by the various additions of cheeses and dressings. Meal Prep Las Vegas companies provide delicious food, just like any takeout. Without compromising on the nutritional value, they deliver protein rich food.

People who wish to eat healthy meals and lose weight usually opt for services of these meal prep Las Vegas companies. An idea and healthy diet consists of all the necessary nutrition needed for proper bodily functions, which includes a small percentage of fats as well. Eating based on portions is what counts. When it comes to dairy products, consuming it in low quantities is the key. However, protein should be the main part of your diet as it helps in muscle repairing and growth. Fish, meat, egg, and pulses are the main sources of protein and such services include ample amounts in their meals.

Modern Proteins is one of the most reputed meal prep Las Vegas companies. We provide gourmet meals that are protein rich and healthy. A few popular selections from our menu are as follows.

High Protein Egg Scramble

This is one of those meals that contain the necessary cholesterols and fats recommended for a day. It is fresh preparation of 3 eggs beaten along with minced meat of your choice and parsley. Whites are added upon request only.

All Natural Chicken Breast

This is a protein packed meal with the most natural chicken, without any additives like hormones or antibiotics. The chicken is thoroughly checked for any spoilage and is then baked in a high-quality Pyrex glass. It is at last, drizzled with the low fat seasoning and is made boneless, for the customers’ convenience.

Ultra Lean Ground Beef

A perfect pre and post workout meal that contains loads of proteins to help repair the muscles. It is solely grounded and delivered to the customers of Las Vegas. The beef is infused with a variety of spices to enhance the flavour, increase metabolism, lower blood pressure and to also support the liver.

Ultra Lean Meatloaf Marinara

This dish is for all those beef lovers who cannot compromise, even the slightest bit, on taste. The meat is blended with spices and topped with marinara sauce. This meal is also rich in protein content and low in carbohydrate.

Turkey Stuffed Bell Peppers

This unique recipe will surely brighten up and add a twist to your boring meals. It includes lean turkey breasts that are combined with cilantro, jalapenos and brown rice which are finally stuffed into two bell pepper cups. This dish is packed with proteins and nutrition.

Nutella Protein Brownie

For all those who have a major sweet tooth, Modern Proteins have low fat desserts in their menu. This brownie has no dairy, butter or oil in it. It’s low in carbs and high in fibre as well as protein. A small quantity of this brownie is enough, to satisfy your sweet tooth.