Nutritionists Versus Personal Trainers

The Difference Between A Nutritionist & A Personal Trainer
Nowadays with social media and the internet, pretty much anyone can pose to be anybody, even if they don’t really have the credentials to back it up. How is this so? Perception. It seems as of late that there is a sudden explosion in the fitness world of personal trainers who are also self-proclaimed nutritionists and dieticians. What’s strange about it is that they are two completely different professions each requiring their own field of study, and although some people can have dual credentials, sadly, most don’t.

In today’s, world, people have a hard time telling a nutritionist from a personal trainer since a trainer also can work to provide nutrition counseling aside from agility and sports training, as part of their program. This further explains why some people don’t truly know the differences between the two job positions; the two almost work mirroring the other in a sense that they know part of the other’s job.

One of the reasons for hiring a fitness trainer is the primary need to reduce weight and/or get back in shape. If you want to lose fat, build muscle and improve health, a fitness trainer keep can help you attain your goals. The same thing applies when hiring a nutritionist, as you are more likely to develop serious health ailments like heart disorders and/or diabetes if you are overweight. To lose weight, a personal trainer is needed to guide you on the proper ways of physical exercise. However, in order for a program to be successful, it must be supplemented with a proper clean eating diet. When it comes to creating an ideal and healthy diet tailored for your needs, hiring a nutritionist is your best bet.

Ultimately, both nutrition and dietetics play a vital role in determining weight loss.  It is hard to find a personal trainer that not only is properly accredited, but one that also has the abilities of a nutritionist, as well as a trainer. This unicorn can advise you on the perfect diet plan that compliments your fitness-training program. Should your intention be to build muscle, your personal trainer is most likely to advise you to eat higher amounts of lean proteins.

The field of personal training is not licensed, but merely certified, with a number of training organizations that can deem you credible. States do not mandate or review trainers, although in order to keep certifications current, most organizations have continuing education programs or yearly renewals required for its programs.

Practicing personal trainers interested in using nutrition tools are subject to the statutes of the relevant nutrition laws for their respective states. What does that mean? Technically, it means that personal trainers are not supposed to dish out nutritional advice to their clients. There is a loophole where if you are practicing at a facility that operates under a doctor’s license, you can legally practice under that doctor’s supervision. Some states offer a licensure without exclusive scope of practice where you can practice nutrition care without being certified or licensed as a designated nutrition care provider. Each states varies, so you must check to see what the provisions are in each state.

Traditionally, personal trainers can help you with losing weight, gaining muscle, and preparing for sports competitions. Trainers can design a workout program for you that is aimed to help you achieve your fitness goals. A nutritionist, however, is someone who advises people on the subject of dietetics. (This is usually a licensed program). Both pose the skills and expertise needed to create an exclusive, personalized program, which includes food, supplements and life style modifications. Dietary modifications to address medical problems are some of the key responsibilities of a nutritionist.

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