Our Philosophy

Modern Proteins is your local source for wholesome, unprocessed, natural prepared meals rich in protein, cooked and packed fresh, and delivered to your home. Our meals contain no starch, soy, gluten, or dairy products and we use zero preservatives.

Here at Modern Proteins our mission is to take out the hassle, the frustrations and the high cost of eating healthily. Our proteins consist of eggs, salmon, tilapia, chicken breast, Angus steak and ultra lean ground beef. We remove any bones, fat, skin and connective tissue, so our high protein food is prepared and ready to eat with only a fork. Our carbohydrates are low glycemic, so they won’t spike your blood sugar and result in fat storage. By using quality whole organic carbohydrates like quinoa, brown rice, and yam, the absorption process is slowed, so you feel fuller, longer, and you provide your body with a steady stream of healthy calories. We also offer a Paleo Diet option free of grains and legumes. Our vegetables are always fresh and flash steamed so that whenever you cut into your Modern Proteins pouch, they are bright and crisp without preservatives.

At Modern Proteins our specialty is high protein health food delivered to your home. We prepare everything fresh and made to order, just hours before your scheduled meal delivery. Our home diet foods not only help shed unwanted body fat, but also reduce water retention and bloating, improve digestion, and perhaps most importantly, our meals are all anti-inflammatory; Modern Proteins will maintain an alkaline environment which has been proven to prevent illnesses ranging from training injuries to cancer, and improve feelings of overall well being. Every item on our menu, and every combination of items in each meal, is there for a specific purpose.

We cater to men and women in fair to excellent physical shape. Individuals who are familiar with eating clean, and maintaining a high protein diet will find our meal service to be an excellent fit. We serve professional IFBB competitors, fitness models and trainers, and fitness oriented individuals in general. Our healthy foods are delicious to even the most discerning pallet, but at Modern Proteins, our primary mission is to generate results for our full time clients.