Paleo Diet Delivery


Add this to your cart to have your entire order made to our Paleo friendly specifications.  This entails the exclusion of brown rice, brown rice pasta, and black and pinto beans.  Instead, you can expect white rice, fingerling potatoes, yams, and dried fruit as your sources of carbohydrates with a healthy portion of raw nuts in every meal.  Today’s Paleo diet specifications are no longer set in stone and there is no single correct way to eat Paleo.  It’s a guideline for eating, not a rule book.  The issue at the heart of eating grains is the skin or shaft of the bean or rice.  White rice is simply brown rice with no shaft.  Potatoes can be enjoyed in limited quantities.  Yams are a staple.  And dried fruit is always a welcome source of fiber, antioxidants, and carbohydrates.

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