The Proper Paleo Diet

The Proper Paleo Diet

Also known as Cavemen’s diet or Stone Age diet, Paleo diet is mostly based on the idea of eating what our ancestors must have eaten in their routine lives when they used to live in caves. In other words, in this diet, a person eats the food items which are presumed to be available or generally be consumed in the Paleolithic era.

The basic idea for such diet fad is that human beings’ digestive system has not changed much since the stone age and to get the maximum healthy status as well as maintain it, one should refrain from eating the modern diet, which also happens to be the opposite of what our ancestors used to eat. Whereas another group of people and intellectuals claim that over so many centuries, the human body and its functioning, including the digestive system, body’s reaction to various things, immunity, weather, climatic and atmospheric conditions have changed a lot hence we need to update our diet as well.

The Food

The major part of the Paleo diet is made up of various types of meat, fruits and vegetables. The cereals and grains are consumed in very limited to no quantity and dairy products are completely excluded. The food is also kept free from added sugar and salts, so as to get the most natural and unprocessed food items. The reason for this being human body must be kept free from chemicals and toxins as much as possible, which mostly enter our system through processed and, stored food.

Your diet needs to be very carefully planned so that your body gets all the required vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, etc. The ideal combination to achieve this target or at least get as close as possible is to get at least 50% of daily calories from seafood and other lean meats, remaining calories from various fruits, vegetables, etc. This proportion will vary person to person, season to season and also on the basis of daily routine activities. Hence, it is advisable to consult a certified dietician before starting this diet and also during the continuation of the diet.

Paleo Diet in Las Vegas

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