The Real Diet Food

The Real Diet Food

Due to the increasing craze of fast and processed food, dieting has become a common word. We all have battled our cravings for one or the other fast food or desserts in our lives at least once. But, most of us are unaware of the extent of negative effect it has on our body and health. And when we realize it, we go for various dieting plans and techniques like the 5:2 rule, no dairy-products diet, Paleolithic diet, etc. The most common among these is crash dieting. Let’s have a look at some of these dieting plans.

The 5:2 Rule

In this dieting plan, 5 days of a week are dedicated to strict dieting and for the rest 2 days of the week; you can eat whatever you want and that too, as many servings as you want.

This diet plan is comparatively not so good because the 5 days of dieting first make your body learns to manage with less energy and then the 2 days of excess eating confuse the body. The body’s clock goes haywire and you may end up being fatter than before.

The Paleolithic Diet

The Paleolithic or paleo diet is modern trend having roots to Paleolithic era. It simply means consuming only those food items which our ancestors used or might have consumed during that era.

This diet plan is good up to some extent because not everyone’s body can adapt to the changed diet. It was ages ago that our ancestors might have lived on such diet. Over the years, our bodies have evolved and, thus, require the modern, cooked food. Also, our activities, life style and surrounding now differ greatly as compared to the Paleolithic era.

Crash Diet

The most common diet among all is crash dieting. When an individual starts consuming very less quantity of food as compared to his/her regular appetite without taking into consideration the food items, calories and nutrition factor, it is called crash dieting.

Crash dieting has several negative effects and damages body more than one can imagine. Because just like the 5:2 rule diet, this diet also makes body first adapt to low food consumption and then confuses it by consuming excess or regular diet, the only difference being that of the time period.

The Real Diet

The real diet is the one which satisfies your body’s needs of all the nutrients, fibers, etc. This diet is free from additional sugar, carbohydrates and fried food which are very unhealthy. This type of food makes you obese instead of increasing healthy muscle mass. A real diet must be high in protein and consist of various vegetables, fruits, cereals, pulses, etc, including the seasonal ones.

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