Some Misconceptions about Calories

Some Misconceptions about Calories

You will find calorie consciousness in almost everyone around yourself. This is because they do not want to put on weight, or want to lose some weight or any other such excuse. But, do you know calories are found in almost every kind of food that we eat? The calorie count of food is determined by the amount of carbohydrate, protein, and fat content it has.

Although the food packages have the ingredients label and the nutrition facts about the food but counting on the number of calories that you intake every day can be a tedious task. Obviously, an excess of everything is bad and calories are no different and we all are aware of the after effects of consuming a lot of calories. But calories are also needed by the body for performing many crucial functions. You must, therefore, consult a dietician who can tell you the total amount of calories needed by your body and then cook your meals accordingly.

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In this article, we will discuss a few misconceptions about calories that most of us have.

Low-calorie food isn’t always good

We all must understand that consuming a low-calorie food is not always the best choice. You may find several kinds of processed food on the market that are labeled low-calorie and low-fat, but these are just a marketing gimmick. These often include added sugar, starch, sodium, additives, fillers, and synthetic ingredients, all of which are not good for our health. Fruits, vegetable, and whole grain food should be eaten instead, as they are low in calories and rich in other nutrients.

Every calorie is not created equal

Fats, carbohydrates, and proteins are the three sources of our energy as mentioned earlier. But, each of them shows a different effect on the body. This can be made clear by the following example. If you consume 100 carbohydrate calories, your body will expend 10 for digestion, and if you consume 100 fat calories, then your body will expend a little less than that, and if you in-take 100 protein calories, then your body needs 20 to 30 for digestion. This clearly implicates that carbs and fats yield more usable energy than protein and to lose weight you must cut down on carbs and fats and not proteins.

Your calorie source is as important as your calorie count

Carbohydrates make you fat, is totally a misconception. It is the calorie count in your food that makes you fat. Consuming good carbs like vegetables, legumes, and fruits will add to your entire nutrition count, whereas bad carbs like cookies and pizza bring about fat deposits in your body.

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