A New Twist on Steak and Eggs – A Muscle Building Knockout!

A New Twist on Steak and Eggs – A Muscle Building Knockout!

For many years we have associated eating steak and eggs for breakfast with some sort of bachelor paradise where weight gain and cholesterol are of no concern.  Well, as it turns out, steak and eggs make an ideal duo for any meal of the day.
With ultra lean steak, like Body Food’s Angus Eye of the Round cut, meticulously trimmed and oven baked, fat and cholesterol are worries of the past.  And of course, with everything we now know about eggs, and the myths of the 90’s, it’s a knockout combination.  Visit the Incredible Egg for some really interesting facts about this cheap, fast, and convenient source of protein.

One thing that some nutritionists, even to this day, have failed to grasp is that dietary cholesterol is totally different than blood cholesterol.  Meaning, if you eat foods that are higher in cholesterol, like shrimp and egg yokes, then it raises your blood cholesterol and clogs your arteries.  This is a false notion.

In fact, foods that can raise harmful cholesterol levels include those containing saturated and trans fats, such as high-fat animal products, many fried foods and foods containing hydrogenated oils. Reduce the consumption of these high-cholesterol foods with health advice from a certified diabetes educator.

So as long as your high protein meal plan is lean, your blood cholesterol levels will be stable and low.

Steak and eggs are such a favorite amongst bodybuilders because eggs have the highest bioavailability out of any high protein foods.  High bioavailability means that the highest percentage of the protein consumed is actually digested and absorbed, rather than excreted.  Eggs are also the most easily digested protein which means that they are not only absorbed very quickly, but also very efficiently.  The reason they make such a great protein stack with steak is because steak has a lower bioavailability and is slow to digest.

By making ultra lean steak and eggs the cornerstone of your high protein breakfast, you can immediately alleviate the negative effects of high cortisol levels, like muscle breakdown, because the eggs are absorbed so quickly and go to work restoring and repairing muscle tissue lost in sleep.  Meanwhile, the steak is also digesting and being absorbed at a much slower rate providing a long term steady stream of protein, that can last up to 13 hours!

Maybe these “olde tymee” strongmen of the past had it right…