The Science

modern-proteins-meal-serviceModern Proteins is the only ultra-high-protein meal company that implements the body’s most anabolic, most readily available, and least understood hormone to produce extraordinary results: Insulin. Our protocol is specifically designed to use your body’s natural insulin production to metabolize excess adipose tissue and support an anabolic environment. Meaning, the macro nutrients are dispersed in such a way that maximizes your fat loss while minimizing your muscle loss. After a few weeks into our protocol you will see an increased insulin sensitivity resulting in better overall health, fuller muscle pumps, more intense training, and an increased basal metabolic rate.

We utilize only the finest ingredients, proteins not withstanding, and take no shortcuts. Very often restaurants and other meal services will use meats that have been stored or packaged in saltwater solutions because it saves a fortune on storage, labor, and overall food cost. Manufacturers shrink-wrap and refrigerate, or freeze these pre-cut roasts, turkey breasts, and chicken breasts. Then when your order comes in, the restaurant will run these processed pressed balls of meat through hot water or steam to remove the taste of the nitrates, sodium and other preservatives. They then season and serve with most consumers not knowing the difference.

Modern Proteins operates on the highest level of integrity. ALL of our proteins are fresh, unmolested, untreated, cleaned and prepared in house and just hours before delivery. You will find that your chicken breasts are whole and your steak is portioned from the same cut of beef. Our fish is scaled, deboned and cleaned with the most meticulous eye for detail so that every cut is perfect, or its trash.