Vegetarian High-Protein Sources

Vegetarian High-Protein Sources

Amongst the essential nutrient requirements of your body is protein that supplies brainpower, provide you with stronger muscles, and also offers the necessary physical and mental drive to feel your absolute best. Often meat is regarded as the best source of proteins. It undoubtedly is, but what about the vegetarians? Where should they get their proteins from? Well, the good news for them is that meat products are not the only protein sources. There are several vegetarian sources too that can provide your protein fix. Here in this article, we have put together a few of the energizing proteins that are better alternatives to meat. Take a look.

Lentils & Beans

The best vegetarian sources of proteins are beans and lentils. While every half cup of lentils packs about 9 grams of proteins, beans carry about 7 grams, depending on the type of beans. Along with proteins, these convenient and tasty food items pack with them enough antioxidants and fiber to keep you full for long, provide you energy for the day and keeps your body functioning smoothly. These can be dried and stored in an air tight container and munched at the time you feel hungry. You can also cook them in various wonderful ways.


Quinoa is another great source of proteins and has around 4gms of proteins in every half cup. Being very delicious and light in taste, you would probably like to eat more of it. Quinoa is also known as a complete protein as it includes all the nine amino acids required by our body. Because of these amino acids (which are not produced by the body) you feel full and satiated for a longer time and also feel fully energetic throughout the day. These are great gluten free alternatives to meat and pasta.

Greek Yogurt

As a meal for breakfast or as an added ingredient in one of the main dishes for lunch, Greek yogurt is just loved by everyone. A single Greek yogurt container includes about 17 grams of protein. Along with that, it has wonderful probiotic properties, it prohibits bad bacteria build up and protects the immune system while strengthening the good bacteria in your system and making it strong. Besides, providing you strong muscles, Greek yogurt will also make your gut and digestive system strong, and you will have a great glowing skin as well.


Made from fermented soybeans, every half cup of tempeh boasts around 11 grams of protein. Whether you grill it or bake it, it will remain much chewier than tofu. This protein source can be used to cook so many different recipes that are all wonderful to taste.

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