What’s In A Meal?

What’s In A Meal?

5 ounces of lean oven baked protein
3 ounces of whole carbohydrates
3 ounces of vegetables
with Avocado Hummus Teriyaki Roasted Salsa BBQ Pico de Gallo Sriracha Ketchup and More…

No Soy, Wheat, Whey, Gluten, or Preservatives

  • Our meals are packaged in Reusable, Microwave Safe, Recyclable Containers
  • Oven safe Foil Containers available for Premium Subscriptions upon request


All Natural, No Antibiotics, No Hormones Added, Fresh, Never Frozen, Breast, Boneless, Skinless


Sliced Thick, Meticulously Trimmed, Fresh, Never Frozen, Boneless, 98% Fat Free


95% Lean, Fresh, Never Frozen, Shipped From California


90% Lean, Fresh, Never Frozen, All Natural, No Antibiotics, No Hormones Added


All Natural 93% Lean Ground Breast, All Natural, Fresh, Never Frozen, No Antibiotics, No Hormones Added


Atlantic Salmon, Tilapia, Ultra Premium Cuts, Fresh, Never Frozen, Boneless, Skinless


2 Egg Scramble or Flourless Quiche with 2 ounces of  ground beef or turkey

Organic Quinoa • Organic Yam • Organic Fingerling Potato • Organic Brown Rice
Organic Brown Rice Pasta • Organic Edamame Pasta • Organic Asparagus • Organic Green Bean
Organic Broccoli • Organic Baby Carrot • Organic Cherry Tomatoes • Organic Kale
Fresh Hummus • Fresh Avocado • Fresh Jalapeño
Feta • Kalamata Olives • Pepitas  • Raisins

Modern Proteins. Gourmet Appetizers.

Feta • Kalamata Olives • Organic Roasted Brussel Sprouts • Organic Cherry Tomatoes
Mozerella • Organic Fresh Leaf Basil • Green Apple • Pink Rose Apple
Honey • Vanilla Greek Yogurt • Raw Walnut • Roasted Pumpkin Seed
Butternut Squash • Organic Mango • Curry • Organic Kale • In-House Salsas • Dry Cranberry
Raw Almond • Dry Raisin • Fresh Avocado • Almond Butter
Celery Stalk • Organic Baby Carrot • Fresh Watermelon
Chicken Salad • Tuna Salad • Beet Salad • Egg Salad

We bake exclusively with lead-free American made Pyrex Glass

  • Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.