If You’re Bloated, Here are 5 Possible Reasons Why

If You’re Bloated, Here are 5 Possible Reasons Why

Most of us try to avoid eating unnecessary amounts of sodium as an effort to maintain a normal blood pressure, as well as to avoid unwanted bloating. But did you know that you might be bloated from something other than salt and sodium?
Sometimes we eat certain foods or slack on drinking our recommended daily amount of water, and this has a direct impact on whether or not we will find ourselves feeling puffy and watery. (Modern Proteins doesn’t use any added sodium on any of its entrees or side dishes and offers sodium-free seasonings on all meals.) Check out some of the culprits responsible for “sneak bloat” below and educate yourself to some food facts you might not have been privy to before!


Everyone will always stress the importance of getting your veggies in, however, not everyone will be happy about it. Those with sensitive stomachs, or sufferers of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), will be particularly bothered by ingesting fibrous foods such as broccoli or cauliflower and should opt for green beans and/or asparagus instead. (If you happen to have this issue, Modern Proteins can offer you an alternative for a green veggie side dish in our prepared meals. Just ask!)


Nearly 10% of Americans have some sort of lactose intolerance issues. Although the negative side effects of dairy are not experienced by everyone who consumes it, many people report feeling bloated and experiencing a distended stomach after digesting dairy products. You too may be more sensitive to dairy and lactose than you thought, if you experience bloating and stomach issues after eating dairy products.


Remember when you were a child and you were told to never swallow your gum because it never breaks down? Not true! It actually only takes 2 days as compared to the 7 years that we were all threatened with. But, strangely enough, it can indeed cause you to be bloated. When you chew gum, you’re inhaling air, which in turn gets trapped inside your stomach and intestines, thus causing you to burp in an effort to release the gas. Next time, try a breath mint instead to avoid gas and bloating. And another tip – Using a straw to drink from can also cause a similar effect that will again, bring on the bloat. Try to drink straight from the glass to avoid swallowing air that can become trapped and cause bloating.


Plums are actually packed to the brim with sugar alcohols. These particular sugars are fermented by your gut bacteria, so when ingested, the body become susceptible to major bloating as a result. Grab an apple instead and pass on the plum bloat.


As strange as it sounds, NOT drinking enough water and dehydration can cause bloating. Huh? Yep! You heard it. Stayed properly hydrated improves your digestion, which keeps your metabolism running, which will not cause bloating. Your body begins to retain fluid when it’s dehydrated. Feel watery? Drink more of it in order to banish the bloat!